Szinolil Andrsol

Se-zin-o-lil Aund-r-soul


Not much is known about her, other than that she had stated that she is cursed with an incurable disease of the skin and thus she is heavily bandaged and naturally you can assume she is old due to the often strands of white hair that manage to peak out from the shrouded darkness from her cloak and hood.


Born in the Underdark and raised within the Drow society under Houses, two mated Drow were not quite happy in their environment. The two often visited the surface for lengthy durations of time and no one quite knew why. They explained that is was to raid or hunt, but never came back with blood, and rarely came back with anything worthwhile to eat. While it couldn’t be confirmed that they were traitorous to the Drow, their actions (too much time on the surface, failing to serve Lolth), was heresy. Escaping death and forced into exile, the Drow couple were forced to survive atop the surface.

With the lovely shelter their Drowish Underdark served gone, the couple struggled to survive. The pair realized their foolish mistake and with that, wanted to redeem themselves. In hopes of becoming favoured once again to Lolth, the pair attempted to conceive a child in order to sacrifice it to Lolth. While the child ended up being a female, the pair was still determined to try anything so that they may return to their Drowish home for good.

Before the act could be made, the High Elven Cleric Elyven, a cleric from the a settled group of elves in the Winterbole forest, had come across the spectacle. Mistaking the baby for a surface humanoid, she sprang into action to defend it against the Drow. Beaten by the great powers by the elven, the duo dashed off, leaving Elyven with the child. Elyven, not one to just let the child die, brought her back to the settlement, and with the reluctant agreement from the others, she was able to raise the child as her own.

Most elves were able to accept her, while others kept their distance. None the less, she was accepted and was raised happily. However with her time to leave and strengthen her cleric powers and find her own Holy Symbol as a part of her duties as a cleric, Szinolil was informed that she must hide her skin as best she can, lest she want to be chased from every town she enters.

Szinolil Andrsol

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