Ellikahn Farsight

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Physical Description: She’s 16 years old, 5’7" and 130 pounds. Ellikahn is very catlike in appearance. She has a small wide, flat nose, large yellow-green eyes with long black pupils (cat eyes), furry pointed ears, and long dark blonde hair. Her skin is a light, light brown, and she has faint black stripes on her body. They become more pronounced when she shifts. This also happens when she is angered, and her ears go flat on her head, like that of a cat.

Personality: She is never quick to judge people. She never backs down from an opponent, assuming she can beat it, which often gets her in trouble. She tends to lose control whenever she is angered, and often makes bad judgment calls in this state. She is usually very pleasant towards people though; she enjoys making friends. She is especially good with the children.

Likes: Young’ns, forests, milk, swimming, hunting, milk, little things, writing, milk, the taste of dragons,

Dislikes: Anything touching her tail, goblins, ale, groups of rats, lifting heavy things

Goals/Motivations: She wants to be in a tribe with her own people, everyone in her old tribe always seemed to need to constantly work together and Ellikahn sometimes felt like she needed to be on her own.

Religion: She looks to the Mother of the Elements (page 205-206…)


History: Unsure of her true heritage, she was found in the forest by a Longtooth Shifter as a small child. He took her to live with his tribe, the Wolfbite tribe, which was full of only Longtooth shifters . They never ventured into the city, preferring to stay in Winterbole Forest as the only enemies there were the occasional goblins. As Ellikahn grew older, she began to realize she was different from the rest of her tribe. She seemed to fit in well though, so she never questioned it.
One day Searil Dashfoot, came into the Wolfbite community and told them of a large horde of goblins, known as the Bloodspears, and warned them that they were coming down from the north. He told everyone to take refuge in the southern parts of the forest, closer to the human communities. However Zavben Wolfbite, the elder of the tribe, refused. Searil pulled Ellikahn aside, and a private talk with her, as he realized she did not belong in this tribe, and that she was actually a Razorclaw shifter. He told her of the Thornsong tribe, a growing Razorclaw community. He invited her to come with him, and though Ellikahn was intrigued, she politely declined, wanting more time to think about it and to discuss it with her family. She went out hunting alone to think about all of this, but when she got back after a full day deep in the forest, the only home she had ever known was a bloody carnage. After searching for survivors with no success, she headed south after Searil…

Ellikahn Farsight

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