Plot Arcs

The Shifters

Free Rahj, Priestess and leader of the Thornsong Tribe from Maldrick Scarmaker and the Bloodfang Gnolls.

Knowing the Past

The Ordinator Arcanis of the Mages of Saruun holds the records of Janerris Helltalon’s family. He promised to release them if she returned a small key in the possession of Maldrick Scarmaker.

The Waning Shadow

The Guild is but a shadow of it’s former self. However, a shadow never sleeps and its darkness can hide the secrets and sharp blades of many. Vahn has escaped the Guild’s deadly clutches three times now but he knows one cannot run forever. For any chance at survival, he will have to reenter the shadows and uncover the circumstances surrounding his master’s death.

Plot Arcs

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