In The World, each year is exactly 364 days long. There are 13 months of 28 days each. They are:

1. Renewal
2. Sowing
3. Mustering
4. Declarations
5. Mid-Season Harvest
6. Replanting
7. Seige-Hold
8. Arid
9. Reaping
10. Harvest
11. Frosting
12. Snowfall
13. Famine

The year begins on the first day of Renewal, in the spring, and ends on the 28th day of Famine. Each week is comprised of seven days, thusly:



Religion in The World is a fairly common belief. Practically everyone in the world believes in the gods and most pray to the god who’s sphere they are involved (Bards pray to The Laughter or The Raconteur, Generals to The Old Man, Merchants pray to The Landlord.) Many people also pray to gods when they are engaging in an activity related to their sphere. (The merchant who often prays to The Landlord also prays to The Traveler when he is traveling.) The gods sometimes interfere in the lives of mortals but they usually rather their minions do their dirty work lest the other gods become angry and turn on them. That being said, the majority of people live their lives as normal and when they remember say a quick prayer as a good luck charm. Few people outside of religious orders give religion imense thought. Members of religious orders (Clerics, Paladins, Avengers etc.) devote their lives to one god and one god only and many churches in The World hold great power.

Look at the chart on this site to see the gods and their spheres of influence. IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE SITE!


Magic in The World is neither common nor uncommon. The average person has seen someone cast a spell or seen a magical beast of some kind or other but magic is not commonplace. Spellcasters are rather uncommon and there is a certain curiosity about them and also a certain fear. Many larger cities will have magical defenses as well as martial ones and some smaller towns will have a resident sage who can cast the odd ritual but rarely a true arcane user.


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