To Tame a Land

A Departure

The adventurers returned to town from the Well of Deamons with Manfried the boar in tow. They returned him to an overjoyed Ulhan Deepgem who rewarded them handsomely. When Szinolil awoke the next morning, she found a note under her door. It read:

My dear friends,

What can I say? It has been an honour and a privledge to work with all of you. That being said, due to cicumstances beyond my control I must leave you now. Being here is needlessly endangering you (as you have seen) and I have business to attend to near the Imperial Capital. I hope someday we may meet again.


P.S. Ask Gendar about the bear cloak.

When they went to see Gendar at his store, the drow told them that Vhan had left in a hurry leaving him a good sum of money and asking him to make some alterations to the bear cloak he had made those many weeks ago. What resulted was a magical headpiece capable of assisting Ellikahn when she went primal.

Having lost one of their number, the adventueres returned to the Well of Deamons. There, they assaulted what appeared to be a barracks/ kennel used by Gnolls and Hyeanas respectivly. They were able to easily dispatch the fiends and take one of the Gnolls prisoner. As they rested after the fight, a minor deamon appeared and offered to answer three questions about the Well of Deamons for a fee in either gold or vitality. The adventurers, after much deliberation about the best wording asked:
“How many Gnolls are in the Well of Deamons.”
“Which way is their leader, Maldarick Scarmaker?”
“Down the western passage you havn’t explored.”
Hogarth: “Is there treasure here?”

The deamon then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

As the party’s gnoll prisoner regained conciousness, the party was able to intimidate him into showing them a magical amulet hidden in the hay nearby. The gnoll also revealed that several items would be needed to access the area where Maldrick was located and they were scattered throughout the Well of Deamons(though he didn’t know how many or what they looked like.)

Satisfied with this, the party pressed on to the south…

Dealers in Death

“We could just leave him you know.”
“And what would that accomplish? The man is a threat to all we’ve worked toward. Would you just let this loose end go? Who knows what he might do if left alone.
“You assume he would even care enough to come for us. Prehaps if he were not hunted in this manner he would simply disapear into obscurity. Besides, our position is absoloutly solid and two kill-teams are already dead.”
“That’s exactly the point! He has dispatched several of us. Why would he stop now?”
“What exactly do you have in mind?”
“One more team… But this time, we do not leave anything to chance. He has help so we send more than three… and we send the best.”

Long Pause


“Yes. Send Malificarum.”

Demon Dogs

After discovering the Bloodreavers had sold the Shifter slaves to the Deuregar the party devised a plan to free them. Posing as slave merchants, they bought the slaves freedom ushering them to safety before slaying their former captors. The Shifters informed the party that their Priestess, Rahj of The Great Bear had been sold to a group of Gnolls led by Maldrick Scarmaker. The same Gnoll who possessed a key desired by The Ordinator Arcanis of the Mages of Saruun. With the key, The Ordinator Arcanis promised to release Janerris Helltalon’s family history to her that she might know more about her demonic heritage.

Adventure Awaits

Vaugh ran the race and won. GOT ITEM!

Party beats kill-team.

Took boat with Searil, fought bandits/ dragon baby.

Walked to Thunderspire, thought minoutaurs would kill them (HAHAHAH)

Saved Rendil.

Went to Seven Pillared Hall.

Gendar loled at Szin

Asked to rescue Manfried

Got wand and told to go to Well of Deamons to get key for Mages

Went to Chamber of eyes to resucue shifters and kill bloodreavers.

Got in a rape fight due to Ellikan derping.

Relkingham City

Tomorrow is the Big Day
Oh man, where to start! The past few days have been crazy. I got to play with children in this big town city called Relkingham. Boy oh boy! Tomorrow is this big race that this city had every year. We each did some research these past 5 days on the different routes and the different racers. The children were a big help to me, and I got to play with them too! I played hide-and-seek and tag! But the breakfast was too delicious at the inn we stayed at (I swear I had 20 glasses of milk with every meal) and I could not catch up to the kids. Ah well, you win some you lose some. I just won’t tell anyone else in the group what happened.
Anyway, I think we’re all running the race. Except Hogarth has decided to sleep all day and all night, and Vahn… I think he’s dealing with the people who have been following us. But I think Janerris and Szinolil are going to be racing with me tomorrow! I’m so excited that I can’t sleep! But Sizinolil said she would cast a ritual on me that would make me fall asleep. I wonder when that will kick in?
Ellikahn Farsight, night of day 5 in Relk…

On The Road Again

So long
Man, those guys in Winterhaven sure know how to party! That must have gone on for a week. The town was very happy that we had stopped the impending doom that might have descended on their town. I had some of the best milk I’ve ever had this week, and I think I remember something about a council… But enough of that. Right now we’re on the road with the merchants we saved that were with Hogarth. We’re on our way to Relkingham where there is some big faire thing going on…
Man, I’m getting really tired. I think I’ll let Janerris take over watch for the night.
Ellikahn Farsight, night of day 1 after leaving Winterhaven

The Demise of Kalarel

The party returned to the Keep in order to stop Kalarel. There they bluffed their way to talking with the leader of the Hobgoblins Kalarel had hired, Grom. After some skilled negotiating they learned the these Hobgoblins were mercinaries who only worked for Kalarel because of the money he paid. They managed to convince the hobgoblins that Kalarel wasn’t worth dying for. Grom agreed however after soundly beating Ellikahn at arm wrestling he wasn’t about to give up any more information. The party left them to pack up and they continued into the keep. They entered an enormous room containing a giant statue of a figure in plate armor weilding a sword. Around the room were several smaller dragon statues. Upon entering, the statues began attacking the characters who were able to destroy them without much injury. Pushing on, they encounted a room full of undead which they were quickly able to dispatch.

Drained, the party returned to Winterhaven however on the way they came across a group of hobgoblins with several prisoners. Two were merchants with their guards and the last was the giant of a man, Hogarth. Hogarth agreed to come with them to defeat Kalarel. The party then escorted the merchants back to town and they all went to bed. The next day, the party set out for what they knew would be the final battle. They entered a large temple where an underpriest and several minions were preparing for the opening of the portal. The party was quickly surrounded in a corridor however they valiantly defeated the feiends. In the room they saw a giant fountain of blood whose contents poured into a large hole in the center of the floor. Seeing that the only exit to this room was down, they grabbed hanging chains and slid down. At the bottom, they discovered a nightmare. Kalarel was in the middle of his ritual to open gigantic portal and the party landed in a large pool of blood. Several skeletons and a wight tried to impeed their progress. The party quickly split up. Janerris Helltalon knew that if she could stop the ritual, the undead they were fighting would be destroyed. She immediately took their remaining vial of zombie-be-gone-potion and poured it in a patern in front of the portal. Ellikahn Farsight and Szinolil Andrsol attempted to confront Kalarel and Hogarth held back the undead. After an arduous fight, the party managed to stop the ritual. All that was left was to deal with the mastermind himself. Kalarel teleported in front of the portal and when the party followed they discovered that a giant shadowy form within could attack them. The party fought a bloody battle at the foot of the giant portal and in the end they managed to wear Kalarel down. Seeing that he had failed, the thing in the portal grabbed Kalarel and pulled him through the portal to certain death. The portal shuddered and then utterly collapsed leaving the adventurers breathless and elated.

At the moment of their victory however, the amulets Sir Keegan had given to them shatted into a million peices. Szinolil’s however, was transformed into a heart shapped jewel attached to a silvery chain. Szinolil felt the amulet stir in her mind images of heroic deeds. Again and again she saw heroes vanquishing villains just as they had Kalarel. She also felt the amulet pulling her, pulling her to the south. That, she reasoned was where her next heroic deeds would take place. Janerris saw the ammulet but she couldn’t detect anything magical about it. Whatever it was, it wasn’t in her realm of expertise…

Putting the Pieces Together

The adventurers returned to town after their first expedition to Shadowfell Keep. When they arrived, Lord Padraig informed them that several zombies had risen in the graveyard and threatened the town. The adventurers, drained from their fights in the Keep took a power nap for 6 hours. They then began another round of interrogations as to what had happened to raise the zombies. During this time, Vahn managed to steal the zombie-be-gone potion Valthrun had made. The adventurers then decided to investigate the cemetery and deal with the zombie threat. Upon reaching the cemetery, they discovered Ninaran pouring a potion onto a glowing blue symbol. As they approached, zombies rose up all around them led by a fearsome creature known as Maw who led the zombies in their assault. The adventurers handily defeated the fiends but during the fighting Ninaran had run away. They then returned to town to continue their investigation of the spy and their connections to the zombies.

Eventually they came to several conclusions:
Both Ninaran and Padraig were spies for Kalarel.
Ninaran was the ally feeding information to them.
Padraig was responsible for raising the zombies.
Valthrun was responsible for making the zombie-be-gone potion but is not guilty of anything else.

The only questions that remain:
Are Ninaran and Padraig cultists or just manipulated souls?
What should happen to them?
Who should take over as ruler of the town?

Aecris's Caretaker

Some rather freaky shit just happened. Right after our break from kicking that slime’s ass, we had a weird attack, if you can call it that. There was this really annoying high pitched sound ringing throughout the room. Everyone passed out but me, because the ringing seemed to affect me differently. It was making me so angry, and seemed to bring about my inner powers. I fully shifted and attacked the closest person I saw. The ringing had me so angry! I just had to stop it somehow. As I was raking my claws through my friend’s body, I started to get hungry, immensely hungry. I ripped out the heart and ate it. The ringing was getting worse. I scratched at their head, and I managed to rip through the skull and started eating the brain. The ringing was still getting louder. Red started to swarm my vision and then it faded to darkness.
I awoke to find everyone passed out. I saw the blood on my hands, tasted the sickly metallic taste of blood in my mouth. I then saw what was left of our friend, who I now saw was Korinna. I walked over to the water’s edge and cleaned myself off. I then walked over to Vahn’s pack and took his journal, intending to ask him to write down what had happened. But, after a second, I realized I could write for myself. It was like I had absorbed Korinna’s abilities. So I ripped out a few pages and decided to start a journal of my own.
I think I just saw Janerris move. I might go ask her what the hell just happened.

More changes
Well after everyone woke up, I told them what happened. Vahn seemed rather freaked out, and said he had to go do something. I think I freaked him out, as he didn’t even attempt to be sly. He even backed out of the room, looking at me the entire time. Scardey cat. He’ll be back though, I’m sure. I have his journal after all. I bet there are secrets written in here, I’ll have to flip through this later. I noticed something weird after everyone was awake. Gwendaeyn’s hair looks slightly different and she’s acting very secretive. I should ask her what’s up later.
Anywho, after Vahn left, we explored the rest of the room. We found a kickass standard, which Gwen took. We also found a warhammer and a large shield. I decided I would use them both. After what happened with Korinna, I feel different. I want to be in the action, beating down our enemies with my full fury. I feel like hitting them from afar has not done me justice. I’m not sure if this is me changing, or if I have absorbed powers. I might need professional help…
Well, we’re about to head off to explore the rest of the keep, better pack my stuff.

We wandered further down into the keep. It’s really cold down here, glad I have my new armour. We stumbled into a crypt-like room, where we met Sir Keegan, the man who killed his family in this very keep 80 years ago. He was… undead. But he was not evil. We wanted to help him, but he refused. The guilt he feels is too strong. I don’t really understand what he is, a zombie or a ghost? Anyway, he GAVE ME HIS WARHAMMER! To use to defeat Kalarel. It is beautiful…
Ellikahn Farsight, afternoon of day 1 in Shadowfell Keep

The Watcher In The Water

Deadly Dungeon Fauna
Just got attacked by a giant blue slime thing. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. I’d heard tales of giant cubes of ooze swallowing a man whole but this was nothing like those cubes from the old stories. Damn thing had apparently taken up residence in the keep’s old well room and attacked us when we explored the room. Fortunately our blades and spells could still hurt it and after a desperate struggle and lots of pain, we destroyed it. I’m writing this down as I take a short breather but our group will soon be ready to get on the move again. I should have more to add to this entry tonight if I survive that long…

Oh, and we rescued some goblin who called himself “Splug” but he got himself killed during our party’s fight with the blue slime stuff. Poor little bugger, I felt sorry for him. Oh well, at least I’m still alive.

The Journal of Vahn Galbraith
Day 15 after my escape.


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