Wand of Seven Parts


Critical: +1d6 damage, +1d10 damage against demonic creatures.

Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls.

Property: Whenever you use Warlock’s Curse on an enemy, an ally adjacent to either you or the enemy can make a saving throw.

Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Arcana, Religion and Diplomacy checks.


The Wand of Seven Parts was forged during the Blood Wars that have raged for an eternity between deamons and devils. It was crafted by the Hell Lords of Aaqa, a group of seven Devils that served as commanders of the Hellish Legion during Maqpat’s 7th Black Crusade; the closest either side has come to gaining a decisive victory. Forged for use against the deamon lord Mephiston, it was ultimately driven through Mephiston’s body shattering into seven parts when it came into contact with the deamon lord’s chaotic energy.

More information to discover with religion checks

Goals of the Wand of Seven Parts:

Be united as a whole item once again.

Wand of Seven Parts

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