Janerris Helltalon

a Teifling warlock/street magician



She is short with red skin and a pair of swept back horns. She has black hair and eyes with ridges of spikes under her chin and up her arm pointed back from the elbow. She has a tail that she has a degree of control over which she uses in her acts along with the teleportation and fire abilities that come from her pact.


Though blunt, she is easygoing and eager to help other people which can lead to bad situations because she has a tendency not to think things through. Her experience with her act has taught her now to lie but she’s bad at seeing when others are lying especially if it involves simple things. She can be quite brutal in her approach to people she views as uncooperative or as enemies along with anyone involved with any sort of demonic based magic which is kind of a sore spot for her.


She made a poorly thought out pact with a sky spirit when she was younger who gave her power but bound her to follow it’s orders though it quickly forgot about her. If the spirit reappears then she is still bound to follow orders. She has no family left and is trying to find the original demon that created her family line to try and get her revenge on the demon that killed her family. Her family was Tiefling father and human mother and she had a fairly normal childhood until she turned 17 when a demon offered both of her parents a pact for power and both accepted each trying to kill the other until her father succeeded. The Demon then ate her father and Janerris left her home town. She become a stage magician to make money specilizing in fire tricks.

Janerris Helltalon

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