Towering Giant




Nestled within the Old Hills, Tuon was a small Goliath village among many others. In the small village was an even smaller population of barbarians, who were an opposing clan to the adjacent village, Gemundur. The two villages often engaged in violent skirmishes with the few Goliath they had, but not for food or supplies – just for competition. Eventually, the Gemundur tribesmen pushed into Tuon and killed those who challenged them. Others were taken prisoner. Still, one child, named Hogarth, had been sent off before the attack and returned to a near-empty village. His parents were taken, assumingly, and he met with a strange dwarf who happened to be on his way to trade with the Tuon village. At the time, Hogarth was a mere boy (around the age of 6), and was told by the Dwarf he would be more safe living down the mountains.

The dwarf figured Hogarth would be helpful by helping around the dwarf family’s home. As years passed, Hogarth went further and further away from the home to explore and see what the lowlands had to offer. However, the more he saw, the more he wanted to see even more, and at the age of 23, Hogarth left. He had heard that some Goliath (alike that of his old clan, apparently) were seen heading west towards Fallcrest, and Hogarth thought it might be his parents. He gave his goodbyes and thanks before finally leaving and heading west. On his travels, he strayed from the road and visited many places: caves, swamps, cliff areas, or even small towns. He wasn’t all that attracted to humans or large groups of lowlanders, until he ran into someone on the road. Hitting the road going south from Winterbole Forest, Hogarth encountered a certain stranger under attack by a group of four thieves. At the sight of competition, Hogarth charged in to help the stranger. The two fought and defeated the thieves, and it was discovered that not only was the stranger a cleric, but her name was Szinolil. She also decided to heal some of the wounds Hogarth had sustained on his travels (and during the fight). Hogarth had decided to stop for a moment to help someone he met before, but promised he would meet Szinolil again and offer his help. And it wasn’t long before his travels took him to her.


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