Dreifus Appollyon

A teifling barbarian who has dedicated his life to hunting down and slaying demons.


The story of Dreifus Appollyon begins over two centuries ago in a town known as Shade’s Brook during the events that became known as The First Night of Blood. The Arch Demon Kel’Dathur had recently begun his short-lived bid for emergence and reports of demonic incursions dotted around the country. Kel’Dathur was eventually killed by a well known group of adventurers of the time, but not before one of his lieutenants led a raid on Shade’s Brook with a relatively small contingent of demonic forces.

The First Night of Blood

Sneaking in under the cover of darkness, the demons began lighting buildings on fire and slaughtering the inhabitants as they attempted to escape the blaze. Chaos ensued as villagers were awakened by the noise, only to find themselves experiencing what could only be explained as a nightmare brought to life. The demons killed indiscriminately, cutting down adults and children alike, sometimes sparing women only long enough to rape them before putting them to death.

As fate would have it, an expeditionary force of the King’s Lancers had happened to have set up camp in the area while on the march back to the capital after completing a tour of duty. When the demons attacked, the sounds of violence coming from the village soon alerted the soldiers who promptly mobilized and mounted a swift counter-attack on the demonic forces, driving them from the village.

Despite the soldiers’ timely intervention, the village and it’s inhabitants were far from untouched. The fires had spread and when they were finally brought under control and put out, half the village was nothing but smoldering cinders. For many villagers, homelessness was the least of their problems. Many were killed or severely injured in the attack and among the women raped, only two survived. One eventually gave birth to Dreifus nine months after the attack. The other killed herself upon discovering she was pregnant.

This night became known as the Night of Blood.

Outcast & Reminder

Life in Shade’s Brook was never the same after the attack. Aside from the visible wounds and physical disfigurements, many villagers were also affected mentally. For those who witnessed the carnage, it was common to have horrific nightmares for years after the attack. Amid all this, Dreifus was born.

A living remind of the horrors of that night, he was largely shunned by most of the village. (to be continued)

Dreifus Appollyon

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