To Tame a Land

The Watcher In The Water

Deadly Dungeon Fauna
Just got attacked by a giant blue slime thing. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. I’d heard tales of giant cubes of ooze swallowing a man whole but this was nothing like those cubes from the old stories. Damn thing had apparently taken up residence in the keep’s old well room and attacked us when we explored the room. Fortunately our blades and spells could still hurt it and after a desperate struggle and lots of pain, we destroyed it. I’m writing this down as I take a short breather but our group will soon be ready to get on the move again. I should have more to add to this entry tonight if I survive that long…

Oh, and we rescued some goblin who called himself “Splug” but he got himself killed during our party’s fight with the blue slime stuff. Poor little bugger, I felt sorry for him. Oh well, at least I’m still alive.

The Journal of Vahn Galbraith
Day 15 after my escape.



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