To Tame a Land

Aecris's Caretaker

Some rather freaky shit just happened. Right after our break from kicking that slime’s ass, we had a weird attack, if you can call it that. There was this really annoying high pitched sound ringing throughout the room. Everyone passed out but me, because the ringing seemed to affect me differently. It was making me so angry, and seemed to bring about my inner powers. I fully shifted and attacked the closest person I saw. The ringing had me so angry! I just had to stop it somehow. As I was raking my claws through my friend’s body, I started to get hungry, immensely hungry. I ripped out the heart and ate it. The ringing was getting worse. I scratched at their head, and I managed to rip through the skull and started eating the brain. The ringing was still getting louder. Red started to swarm my vision and then it faded to darkness.
I awoke to find everyone passed out. I saw the blood on my hands, tasted the sickly metallic taste of blood in my mouth. I then saw what was left of our friend, who I now saw was Korinna. I walked over to the water’s edge and cleaned myself off. I then walked over to Vahn’s pack and took his journal, intending to ask him to write down what had happened. But, after a second, I realized I could write for myself. It was like I had absorbed Korinna’s abilities. So I ripped out a few pages and decided to start a journal of my own.
I think I just saw Janerris move. I might go ask her what the hell just happened.

More changes
Well after everyone woke up, I told them what happened. Vahn seemed rather freaked out, and said he had to go do something. I think I freaked him out, as he didn’t even attempt to be sly. He even backed out of the room, looking at me the entire time. Scardey cat. He’ll be back though, I’m sure. I have his journal after all. I bet there are secrets written in here, I’ll have to flip through this later. I noticed something weird after everyone was awake. Gwendaeyn’s hair looks slightly different and she’s acting very secretive. I should ask her what’s up later.
Anywho, after Vahn left, we explored the rest of the room. We found a kickass standard, which Gwen took. We also found a warhammer and a large shield. I decided I would use them both. After what happened with Korinna, I feel different. I want to be in the action, beating down our enemies with my full fury. I feel like hitting them from afar has not done me justice. I’m not sure if this is me changing, or if I have absorbed powers. I might need professional help…
Well, we’re about to head off to explore the rest of the keep, better pack my stuff.

We wandered further down into the keep. It’s really cold down here, glad I have my new armour. We stumbled into a crypt-like room, where we met Sir Keegan, the man who killed his family in this very keep 80 years ago. He was… undead. But he was not evil. We wanted to help him, but he refused. The guilt he feels is too strong. I don’t really understand what he is, a zombie or a ghost? Anyway, he GAVE ME HIS WARHAMMER! To use to defeat Kalarel. It is beautiful…
Ellikahn Farsight, afternoon of day 1 in Shadowfell Keep



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