To Tame a Land

The Demise of Kalarel

The party returned to the Keep in order to stop Kalarel. There they bluffed their way to talking with the leader of the Hobgoblins Kalarel had hired, Grom. After some skilled negotiating they learned the these Hobgoblins were mercinaries who only worked for Kalarel because of the money he paid. They managed to convince the hobgoblins that Kalarel wasn’t worth dying for. Grom agreed however after soundly beating Ellikahn at arm wrestling he wasn’t about to give up any more information. The party left them to pack up and they continued into the keep. They entered an enormous room containing a giant statue of a figure in plate armor weilding a sword. Around the room were several smaller dragon statues. Upon entering, the statues began attacking the characters who were able to destroy them without much injury. Pushing on, they encounted a room full of undead which they were quickly able to dispatch.

Drained, the party returned to Winterhaven however on the way they came across a group of hobgoblins with several prisoners. Two were merchants with their guards and the last was the giant of a man, Hogarth. Hogarth agreed to come with them to defeat Kalarel. The party then escorted the merchants back to town and they all went to bed. The next day, the party set out for what they knew would be the final battle. They entered a large temple where an underpriest and several minions were preparing for the opening of the portal. The party was quickly surrounded in a corridor however they valiantly defeated the feiends. In the room they saw a giant fountain of blood whose contents poured into a large hole in the center of the floor. Seeing that the only exit to this room was down, they grabbed hanging chains and slid down. At the bottom, they discovered a nightmare. Kalarel was in the middle of his ritual to open gigantic portal and the party landed in a large pool of blood. Several skeletons and a wight tried to impeed their progress. The party quickly split up. Janerris Helltalon knew that if she could stop the ritual, the undead they were fighting would be destroyed. She immediately took their remaining vial of zombie-be-gone-potion and poured it in a patern in front of the portal. Ellikahn Farsight and Szinolil Andrsol attempted to confront Kalarel and Hogarth held back the undead. After an arduous fight, the party managed to stop the ritual. All that was left was to deal with the mastermind himself. Kalarel teleported in front of the portal and when the party followed they discovered that a giant shadowy form within could attack them. The party fought a bloody battle at the foot of the giant portal and in the end they managed to wear Kalarel down. Seeing that he had failed, the thing in the portal grabbed Kalarel and pulled him through the portal to certain death. The portal shuddered and then utterly collapsed leaving the adventurers breathless and elated.

At the moment of their victory however, the amulets Sir Keegan had given to them shatted into a million peices. Szinolil’s however, was transformed into a heart shapped jewel attached to a silvery chain. Szinolil felt the amulet stir in her mind images of heroic deeds. Again and again she saw heroes vanquishing villains just as they had Kalarel. She also felt the amulet pulling her, pulling her to the south. That, she reasoned was where her next heroic deeds would take place. Janerris saw the ammulet but she couldn’t detect anything magical about it. Whatever it was, it wasn’t in her realm of expertise…



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