To Tame a Land

Relkingham City

Tomorrow is the Big Day
Oh man, where to start! The past few days have been crazy. I got to play with children in this big town city called Relkingham. Boy oh boy! Tomorrow is this big race that this city had every year. We each did some research these past 5 days on the different routes and the different racers. The children were a big help to me, and I got to play with them too! I played hide-and-seek and tag! But the breakfast was too delicious at the inn we stayed at (I swear I had 20 glasses of milk with every meal) and I could not catch up to the kids. Ah well, you win some you lose some. I just won’t tell anyone else in the group what happened.
Anyway, I think we’re all running the race. Except Hogarth has decided to sleep all day and all night, and Vahn… I think he’s dealing with the people who have been following us. But I think Janerris and Szinolil are going to be racing with me tomorrow! I’m so excited that I can’t sleep! But Sizinolil said she would cast a ritual on me that would make me fall asleep. I wonder when that will kick in?
Ellikahn Farsight, night of day 5 in Relk…



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