To Tame a Land

Putting the Pieces Together

The adventurers returned to town after their first expedition to Shadowfell Keep. When they arrived, Lord Padraig informed them that several zombies had risen in the graveyard and threatened the town. The adventurers, drained from their fights in the Keep took a power nap for 6 hours. They then began another round of interrogations as to what had happened to raise the zombies. During this time, Vahn managed to steal the zombie-be-gone potion Valthrun had made. The adventurers then decided to investigate the cemetery and deal with the zombie threat. Upon reaching the cemetery, they discovered Ninaran pouring a potion onto a glowing blue symbol. As they approached, zombies rose up all around them led by a fearsome creature known as Maw who led the zombies in their assault. The adventurers handily defeated the fiends but during the fighting Ninaran had run away. They then returned to town to continue their investigation of the spy and their connections to the zombies.

Eventually they came to several conclusions:
Both Ninaran and Padraig were spies for Kalarel.
Ninaran was the ally feeding information to them.
Padraig was responsible for raising the zombies.
Valthrun was responsible for making the zombie-be-gone potion but is not guilty of anything else.

The only questions that remain:
Are Ninaran and Padraig cultists or just manipulated souls?
What should happen to them?
Who should take over as ruler of the town?


If you guys have anything to add/ questions ask/add them. I just went from memory.

Putting the Pieces Together

I don’t know who “Vaugn” is, but I sure fixed that. :P

Putting the Pieces Together

You are a mean person :P

Putting the Pieces Together

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