To Tame a Land

A Departure

The adventurers returned to town from the Well of Deamons with Manfried the boar in tow. They returned him to an overjoyed Ulhan Deepgem who rewarded them handsomely. When Szinolil awoke the next morning, she found a note under her door. It read:

My dear friends,

What can I say? It has been an honour and a privledge to work with all of you. That being said, due to cicumstances beyond my control I must leave you now. Being here is needlessly endangering you (as you have seen) and I have business to attend to near the Imperial Capital. I hope someday we may meet again.


P.S. Ask Gendar about the bear cloak.

When they went to see Gendar at his store, the drow told them that Vhan had left in a hurry leaving him a good sum of money and asking him to make some alterations to the bear cloak he had made those many weeks ago. What resulted was a magical headpiece capable of assisting Ellikahn when she went primal.

Having lost one of their number, the adventueres returned to the Well of Deamons. There, they assaulted what appeared to be a barracks/ kennel used by Gnolls and Hyeanas respectivly. They were able to easily dispatch the fiends and take one of the Gnolls prisoner. As they rested after the fight, a minor deamon appeared and offered to answer three questions about the Well of Deamons for a fee in either gold or vitality. The adventurers, after much deliberation about the best wording asked:
“How many Gnolls are in the Well of Deamons.”
“Which way is their leader, Maldarick Scarmaker?”
“Down the western passage you havn’t explored.”
Hogarth: “Is there treasure here?”

The deamon then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

As the party’s gnoll prisoner regained conciousness, the party was able to intimidate him into showing them a magical amulet hidden in the hay nearby. The gnoll also revealed that several items would be needed to access the area where Maldrick was located and they were scattered throughout the Well of Deamons(though he didn’t know how many or what they looked like.)

Satisfied with this, the party pressed on to the south…



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